Canadian Truckers Message to Trudeau, Resign and Remove All Mandates,
Run'in From Covid! Episode 3
No Safety Data? No Problem!
Now who's the "conspiracy theorist"?? Vaccination Passports "a mere certainty"
"Journalist" Calls For Someone He Doesn't Agree With To Be Jailed (MIRROR)
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Cat Shows Who's Boss of the Beds
a Judge and Larry the mall cop

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US Secret Service director admits Trump shooting an ‘operational failure’

Al Jazeera 2024-07-22

The US Secret Service chief has admitted to Congress that the agency failed to prevent the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a July 13 campaign rally in Butler County, Pennsylvania. “We failed. As the director of the United States Secret Service, I take full responsibility for any security lapse,” Director Kimberly...

Biden is out, but American plutocracy carries on

Al Jazeera 2024-07-21

And so it has come to pass. United States President Joe Biden has dropped out of this year’s presidential race, bowing to pressure from fellow Democrats who feared that his train wreck of a performance in the June presidential debate with Republican candidate Donald Trump – among other episodes – would render the octogenarian less than appealing to...

Why did Republican Donald Trump choose JD Vance as his vice president?

Al Jazeera 2024-07-18

The question had lingered over Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for months: Who will the Republican pick as his running mate as he pursues a second term in the White House? On Monday, his choice was revealed: JD Vance, an author, venture capitalist and pugnacious first-term senator from Ohio.Keep reading list of 3 itemslist 1 of 3JD Vance’s...

Elon Musk says he will move companies out of California over trans law

Al Jazeera 2024-07-17

Elon Musk has said he will move SpaceX and X out of California over a law that bans schools from forcing teachers to notify parents when their child changes their gender identity. Musk said on Tuesday that he would relocate the companies’ headquarters to Texas after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the first-of-its-kind law barring policies...

Trump receives hero’s welcome in first appearance since assassination bid

Al Jazeera 2024-07-16

Donald Trump has received a hero’s welcome at the Republican National Convention, the former president’s first public appearance since he narrowly survived an attempted assassination. Trump arrived at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a rapturous reception on Monday, two days after he was struck in the ear by a would-be assassin’s bullet...

Biden’s election crisis: What happens if the US president loses support?

Al Jazeera 2024-07-12

Washington, DCJoe Biden says he is not going anywhere. On Thursday, the United States president was once again unequivocal in rejecting calls to drop out of the election race, stressing that he will be the Democratic nominee to beat Donald Trump in November. But the 81-year-old president’s assertiveness has done little to quiet concerns about...

Russia blames war on NATO as it pounds Ukraine, demands territory for talks

Al Jazeera 2024-07-10

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has pressed on with his shuttle diplomacy to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine, visiting Beijing on Monday after passing through Kyiv and Moscow. Ukrainian allies NATO and the European Union disavowed the mission, saying Orban was not undertaking an initiative on their behalf. Russia, after initially dismissing...

Israel’s American dream

Al Jazeera 2024-07-09

It may seem odd that US conservatism – which has taken the baton from the Reich Ministry of Propaganda and systematically spreads thinly veiled anti-Semitic messages about the need to defend the West from nefarious “globalists” and the conspiracy to “replace” white people – is showing up for Israeli ethno-nationalism to shout down pro-Palestinian...

‘He’s got an ego’: Trump says he expects Biden to stay in presidential race

Al Jazeera 2024-07-09

Donald Trump has said he does not expect Joe Biden to end his bid to be re-elected president of the United States, suggesting he will stay in the race because of his ego. In a telephone interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday night, the Republican candidate said that Biden “might very well stay in” the race despite mounting pressure to...

More than three million travellers pass through US security, a record

Al Jazeera 2024-07-08

More than three million people passed through United States airport security on Sunday, the first time that number of passengers have been screened in a single day as travel surges, according to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The record, which was widely predicted to happen at some point over the Fourth of July holiday...

Trudeau to tell allies to stay resolute as Ukraine to at centre of NATO summit

Moosejaw Today 2024-07-07

WASHINGTON, D. C.Canada will be reassuring allies of its commitment to the western alliance as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travels to Washington, D.C., this week to take part in the NATO leaders' summit at a critical time for war-ravaged Ukraine. The 32 NATO countries are set to mark the alliance's 75th anniversary in the same city where the...